About Laura Muñoz

The mission of Laura Munoz Aesthetics is to bring together a love of holistic health as it manifests in the skin and the various ways in which Laura sees that passion come to life. Laura is driven by a desire to educate and be educated on all of the ways healthy, holistic beauty influences our lives. Whether it’s working one on one with clients in the treatment room or through virtual skin analysis and regimen creation, Laura is committed to developing customized skin care products and working behind the scenes with naturally derived skin care lines to best develop their education and marketing programs.

In her own words

I grew up in Deep South Texas, about 10 minutes from the border and 45 minutes from the coast. Crowned resident groomer in a family of all ladies, my love of pimples and products was evident from a young age. As I grew older and some health concerns appeared, I became particularly fascinated with the use of botanical elements to heal the body. I went to Texas State University and studied Resource and Environmental Studies, English, and Horticulture- all over the map I know, but in its own way, all related to the work I do today. After a humbling experience spent teaching 10th grade English, I decided it was finally time to pursue my old love of skin care. While acquiring my Esthetics License at Avenue 5 Institute, I was also involved in an apprenticeship with a dear mentor, Marisa Hernandez, master aesthetician and founder of the all natural skincare line Inventive Eco Organic.

Since then I have taken clients at milk+honey spa and I Love You Pink Salon in East Austin where I was able to hone my craft under the guidance of a handful of seasoned aestheticians gracious enough to share their secrets with me. Today I divide my time between a private clientele at aloe skin + body in Tarrytown and my work with the Inventive line which includes the implementation of marketing and training tools. I love being able to be a part of the growth of a small skin care line that emphasizes clean ingredient panels and I absolutely adore spending time with my clients working on helping them feel like their best self.

Holistic Beauty Philosophy

I place an emphasis on the holistic health of the skin, taking into account lifestyle, whole body health, nutrition and the skin as a living and breathing organism unto itself. My philosophy is steeped in the belief that we must use food sources that the skin recognizes to nourish it and bring down inflammation, thus creating a manageable and healthy aging process. My own healing journey, which has been long and at times arduous, has contributed significantly to how I view the industry that I work in. I believe that the outward body is a direct reflection of what is occurring internally and I encourage my clients to take a look at how their lifestyle might be contributing to any skin care concerns they might be having.

That being said, I also believe that tweaks to the outside body, such as highlighting and softening the facial features through precise brow shaping, can have a serious influence on the way we feel internally- and that ultimately shapes our interactions and choices.

I like bringing it all together when I spend time with my clients and we often have conversations ranging from product and ingredients, to correctly filling in your brows, and culminating in how exercise, diet, sleep and hormonal fluctuations can effect internal and external health. I enjoy that my career is varied enough to keep me learning everyday – this industry is constantly changing, it keeps me on my toes which I appreciate immensely.