Online Skin Consultation

Walking down the beauty aisles of your local grocery store, pharmacy, or department store can be terrifying at worst and daunting at best, even for a seasoned aesthetician like myself. There are so many bottles and jars and pretty packages, then add in a pushy salesperson or two, and you have a recipe for being seriously overwhelmed. Time and again clients come to me exasperated by the process, having grabbed the last bottle they saw prior to the haze of anxiety sweeping over them.

Personalized Results to online quiz

Online Skin Consultation $25

Wedding Planning

Come on in for a consult as soon as you know the date of your wedding. based on your skin care goals we can create a manageable and affordable prep plan that includes all necessary body and facial waxing as well as any skin care treatments

One Month Before

  • your last facial with extractions

One Week Before

  • mini facial to exfoliate and hydrate — for dewy, glowing skin the day of
  • final body and facial waxing
  • final eyelash extension application

Business Analysis

As a licensed esthetician for the past 6 years, I have been a keen observer of the beauty industry from many vantage points. I have been lucky enough to work in both large and intimate spa settings, clinical practices, apothecaries, salons, and behind the scenes wearing many different hats for a small batch, organic skin care line.

I believe that with my background and continuous desire to figure out how things work, I am in the unique position of implementing the necessary adjustments to help you grow your beauty business. Whether it’s a retooling of your training and educational program, an in-depth look at your marketing tools, or some interesting and creative ideas for your social media kit, we will work together to find the right balance of honoring what already works for you and implementing what might need a fresh take.

Business Analysis Services

  • In-depth analysis of your skin care line including current marketing, educational and training material
  • Retooling of current marketing, educational and training materials to best suit the needs of your audience including retail and professional clients
  • Best practices for implementation of training programs targeting a wide array of audiences

$50 – $80 an hour

Package pricing available upon request

Pro Bono

Healthy skin and the healing modalities that it often takes to get a person there should be available to everyone, regardless of their income level. Prescriptions and harsh topicals are not the only option for those dealing with a skin health crisis, and can often make problems worse.

I believe in a workable home care regimen and treatment plan that fits all budgets.

Please contact me to inquire about sliding scale fees and pro bono work if you are dealing with a severe inflammatory condition and you think I might be able to help.