Rave Reviews

Skin Care

“I have been getting facials from Laura Munoz for few years now and I have to say that my skin feels better then ever. Laura makes me feel very comfortable and clearly explains everything shes doing. I always leave my session feeling great and my skin feels energized, light and glows for days.”

Jackie Letellier
owner of Pate Letelier, Austin, Texas

 “Laura’s approach is very in-depth, comprehensive, and thoughtful. Now that we understand the way my skin works, we have found products and treatments that bring the best out of my skin, and that is saying a lot since I am a 33 year-old with the breakouts of a 13 year-old! Regular treatments with Laura are a much better alternative than the over-drying, medicated approach of the dermatologists I have seen before. I am excited to feel like I am finally understanding what my skin needs, and how it acts!”

Christine Fail
owner of Fail Jewelry, Austin, Texas

 “Laura is attentive, knowledgeable, and confident. She really takes her work seriously. She goes beyond what is expected to ensure comfort and personalizes your at home facial care; overall a relaxing and renewing experience.”

Phil LaRocca
tattoo artist, The Austin Tattoo Company

 “With a full schedule, I really appreciate how easy it has been to communicate with Laura. She is super flexible with her time and very generous with information.”

Lydia Reynolds
graphic designer, Lettuce Design

 “I love going to Laura because she not only leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished, she also takes the time to explain procedures, products, and really understands my skin. I’ve sent countless friends to Laura and they are always thrilled with her work.”

Ane Urquiola
private banker, Frost Bank



“Laura is always a pleasure to work with. Her product knowledge and professional manner is unparalleled. She is always kind and responsive, I would recommend her tremendously!”

Ali Garnel
Regional Sales Manager, INVENTIVE EcoOrganic

 “All of us at Purisa skin care had very high expectations from Laura Munoz because she came so highly recommended and she has not disappointed! She has been very professional, dependable and knowledgeable. We have gotten excellent feedback from every spa she has worked with!”

Jessica Rosales
owner, Purisa Skincare

 “We have worked with Laura for over a year and during that time she has provided first rate insight, feedback and training for our company. She is always prepared during customer visits and provides thorough training that results in increased enthusiasm about our products leading to more orders and happy clients. Laura has consulted for us on all aspects of our business to include labeling, protocols, training guides and marketing strategies. She has become a valued member of our team and we look forward to her partnership in our future success.”

Derek Rosales
owner, Purisa Skincare