Aesthetic Services

Skin Care


Each skin care service is customized to your individual needs including concerns, overall goals, budget and lifestyle. Every client will leave with a more in depth understanding of the holistic health of their skin including its regular fluctuations and changing needs, as well as workable daily regimen that actually makes sense.


Chemical and enzyme peels are still an effective way to promote rapid regeneration of the skin. Only the most stable peels are used in an effort to minimize the post treatment inflammatory response which have so often given peels a bad reputation. You will leave with a detailed understanding of how to treat your delicate, healing skin to obtain the best results possible.

NuFace | Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic skin therapy is a gentle yet effective form of exfoliation safe for even the most sensitive and reactive types of skin. The treatment also stimulates skin tissue and improves permeability of the membrane promoting collagen, elastin, Hyaluronic acid production and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The NuFace device uses microcurrent technology to send soft, gentle waves through the skin in an effort to stimulate ATP production which in turn drives production of collagen and elastin all while firming and toning the skin. During this customized treatment, one or both devices are used, leaving the skin soft, well hydrated and toned. Best results are seen in a series of four to six.


Brow & Lash

A customized blend of vegetable dye is used to achieve a defined and bright look for your eye area. Tinting is a great way to achieve fuller lashes and brows and a ready to wear look upon waking in the morning.


Only the finest European low temperature gel and hard waxes are used keeping the health of the skin as a top priority. A layer of organic cold pressed plant oils is always applied prior to the wax to protect the skin. Significant attention to lifestyle and home care are paid to ensure that the best possible results are achieved. An in-depth discussion of desired shape and realistic results is done prior to each brow shape. Each client leaves their appointment with an understanding of how to keep brows maintained between appointments as well as how to fill in shape for daily wear or special occasions.

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